Sporting and sweet tone vibrato hip-hop artist Jamian Ross is ready to drop his new song ‘ Hey Lady

Latest song ‘Hey Lady’ by Jamian Ross is going to release with an authentic touch of hip-hop and rap style. His songs have always delivered a delicate stroke!

There is something of high feeling attitude among the hip-hop and rap songs of Jamian Ross. He is an emerging and independent hip-hop and rap song artist with a bold vocal and deep rhythmic. Despite his service in the army for 18 and half years, he has composed such a beautiful hip-hop number to the audience. His passion for music especially hip-hop and rap could make you feel his bold nature through his songs. Right after the excellent success with his track ‘2 Step Stunna’, he is going to launch a new song ‘Hey Lady' This song is dedicated to all the beautiful,
self respecting, hard working women
regardless of your race/ethnicity. You are
God's greatest creation, because without
you, this planet would cease to exist. You
are appreciated and deserve to be treated
like the Queen that you are. If you are
reading this post, then please believe me,
I am speaking directly to YOU. Once the
video posts to YouTube in the upcoming
weeks be sure to SHARE, LIKE, and leave
a COMMENT. Thank you, and may God
continue to bless you from now and till
The link provided below will provide a
landing page for digital music platforms
so that you can stream/download the
song before the video becomes available.

Pretty much that I been patiently waiting my whole life for "my" moment to shine. I always believed in my heart from a young age that I was different. I felt that I was blessed with so many gifts and that one day with hard work, sacrifice and dedication that I would be able to accomplish anything I set my mind to do.