Meet The New Kid On The Rap Block - #HHOE

The rap genre is saturated with artists old, new and upcoming. Many are looking for a quick way to rise to fame while others are looking to express themselves. With the legends still dominating the genre, there is little space for upcoming artists, but some make it through the stars.

The artist has been writing since he was at the ripe age of 11. Sneaking around his father’s abc to listen to the uncut version of the greats such as Jay-Z, Tupac, and Nelly, the artist improved his skills. Today he stands proud as an experienced songwriter and producer.
Despite having started his journey in 2014,  However, his discography says otherwise with a number of released songs and albums. His very first release titled ‘Family And Music’ was back in 2014.
In 2021, the artist aims to release a single every month starting with “Stop And Go” featuring Elijah Rushin. The first single of many has a deep, dark vibe. It is meant to paint a picture of the mindset of a person trying to turn their pain into success.
The audience has previously compared the artist’s lyrics and music to that of Eminem’s pain being delivered by J.Cole. Despite being compared to the greats, the artist retains a unique and personal sound. As the artist puts it, his lyrics adapt to the mood of the music.
Apart from music, C.Priest is planning to launch a brand new clothingline and merch set at the end of summer 2021. Until then, the audience will be able to stream his singles. For more on the artist, visit the official website and social media pages!