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SoundCloud Repost + Ads

Artist Like Russ Juice And Many Big Artist Used SoundCloud To Be Their Initial Debut Platform. SoundCloud Is Very Good Option To Give You Recognition .

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Spotify Playlisting + Ads

Spotify for Artists is an essential tool for musicians. Think of your artist page like a business card: a way you can stand out from the crowd. Create a page that reflects who you are as an artist and maximizes the impact of all the page’s features. This will help encourage your potential fans’ interest in you and your music.

Besides helping you stand out, Spotify for Artists offers plenty of listening data which allows you to understand your demographics and statistics, offering you precious insights for future promotion. Knowing where in the world your music is performing best will become invaluable when planning a tour. Getting insights into your most-streamed tracks can help decide on your next single or even the next track you should shoot a video for. Deep listener demographics can be used for ad targeting. And last but not least, being able to submit your music to Spotify’s playlists is an amazing opportunity to get your music heard, and grow your fanbase.

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Instagram Repost

Viral Instagram Repost Campaign Instagram is best platform to get your music heard by millions. We have 1 million base to provide you growth on Instagram.

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Youtube Ads 📈

More content is uploaded on YouTube than any major U.S. television shows. Statistics suggest that on an average, a YouTube user spends 15-25 minutes a day, it has over 1.8 billion users i.e. 26 billion minutes of streaming.

YouTube ads allows advertisers to increase their potential in marketing as one can advertise when a user watches or searches for videos – and only pay when they show interest.

Viral video is the term for a video that spreads quickly to a large audience on the internet. YouTube now houses major viral videos and traffic from all other different social media platforms. Companies can redirect consumers from platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to YouTube videos to draw public attention, in turn, making a video viral.

Therefore, hosting an ad on any viral video or just any other video will certainly earn a great revenue.

YouTube has been the most dominant video-sharing website and continues to rise for its sole purpose has always been video streaming.

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Best Social Media Service

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Finding the best provider that fits your needs can be a tedious job! Check why you should trust music promo plug to delivery your social media services with a quick comparision.

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